Are you ready for Valentine’s Day & White Day?

Valentine’s Day & White Day

Japan may only have caught on to the idea of Valentine’s Day as recently as the 1950s, yet it has successfully taken the February 14th celebration and melded it with its own traditions and customs.

English Kingfisher White Day Card

The responsibility falls on women, not both partners as it does in western countries, to find that perfect gift and card for their loved one on Valentine’s Day.  Return gifts are given exactly one month later, on March 14. The day, first celebrated in Japan in 1978 to ensure that women also received a love token and a heartfelt message is known as White Day.

White English Cherry 100% Silk Scarf

Valentine chocolates, even homemade ones are an extremely popular choice of gift. Although many now choose non edible presents such as glamorous neckties and scarves, luxurious body products, candles and diffusers, or even a day trip out.

Many other Asian countries celebrates Valentine’s Day and White Day in a similar way to Japan. In South Korea however, men are expected to top the flowers and chocolates’ lavished on them in February with an additional specially selected present.

Returning to Japan: Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romantic couples. It is an ideal opportunity to show love, friendship and respect to others too; a family member, co-worker, treasured friend, even a cherished dog or cat.

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