Tail Wagging Linseed Oregano and Parsley Bottled Dog Biscuits
Bottled Baking

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” – Craig Claiborne.

As you pass the local bakery, a smell of freshly baked cake wafts under your nose. Immediately, you are transported back to the family kitchen. You are ten years old and your mother is taking a rich chocolate cake out of the oven. Your eyes light up, and you just can’t wait to tuck in to a warm, lip-smacking slice.

Baking, even more than other methods of cooking has a propensity to trigger or evoke memories. The way we associate an odour with an historic event is known as odour conditioning. It leaves us with a wonderful reference of smells that when encountered again can transport us back to previous times in a trice.

Since the industrialisation of baking, less bread, pastries and biscuits are made at home. Yet, there is nothing better than baking for yourself, your family and friends, even your dog, and reaping the benefit of those heavenly smells in the kitchen while creating new, happy memories.

With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season though, time is of the essence, so when Atty and Smart came across baking starter kits in a bottle from The Bottle Baking Co it seemed like a perfect find – home baking made easy, the gift for baking lovers, great Christmas gifts for friends and perfect for baking with kids.

The biscuit and cake ingredients, that come in lovely reusable glass bottles, are carefully hand made to create decorative layers and have names such as Chocotastic Chocolate Orange Cookie Mix and Santa’s Winter Wonder Cakes.

Yes, we did mention your dog too, Baked dog treats are usually a supermarket item. Although dog bakeries, and cafes have become a thing in recent years. The first dog bakery called Famous Fido, was opened in 1979 in Chicago, USA. If you are ready to make your own and love the idea of quirky baking gifts, the cake mix in a jar is the perfect starting point from which to make some home baked dog treats for your precious doggy. Paw-Licking Carrot Cake is designed to balance your dog’s digestion, and it tastes yummy. (According to official doggy testers) Tail-wagging Linseed, Oregano and Parsley biscuits keeps your family member’s breath fresh and gives them a good dose of anti-oxidants in the bargain.

Bottled cake and cookie mixes, along with a range of unique aprons for both adult and little bakers are available at our Henfield store at Ivy House, High street, Henfield, BN5 9HN, England or online on our website at

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