Every Month is Candle Month

Atty and Smart candles and diffusers

By Charlotte Mutoro

The importance of candles in our lives is celebrated during World Candle Month in September each year.  Yet, for the majority of us, every month is candle month, and October is the perfect time to select some scented candles to accompany us through the darker autumnal and winter evenings.

A powerful scent throw can transform your space, and with the Atty & Smart luxurious candle range, it is easy to bring any environment you love right into the heart of your home.

If you wish to hunker down in the presence of wood smoke look no further than fireside with its seductive notes of pepper and oak.

What to feel sultry and gorgeous? Warm, dark and textual Black Oud should be the first ticked off your candle list.

As for inspiration: The candle named after it encourages the creative streak, calms, uplifts and generates confidence. With its vibrant citrus notes, softened with lavender, and finished with sweet rosemary it is a true balancer of one’s mind, body and spirit.

For those ready to herald the joy of spring long before it arrives think of none other than English Hedgerow. A tangle of bramble, grass and wild meadow flowers mixed with a hint of dew, soft damp earth and birdsong.

Enjoy the power of aroma


When it comes to choosing your candles balancing style and practicality is an ideal. Check the candle’s burn time and that its burn is even. Whether the candle is hand-poured and made of natural wax. Once you have the practicalities out of the way you can concentrate on the joy of choosing a range of transporting scents.

Did you know that your candles prefer their own chill zone and also like to move around a bit? Keep them away from draughts, air conditioners and hallways to prevent disruption of their flames.

When you constantly blow a candle out from the same position the candlewick can progressively lean in one direction. This leaning decreases its burn efficiency. So think of repositioning your fragrant companions from time to time. This way you and your candle will both remain happy.

For quality scented candles, diffusers, body scrubs, body lotions, soaps and other luxury gifts for yourself or others visit us in the Atty & Smart shop, the High Street, Henfield, West Sussex, BN5 9HN, England or for a selection of Atty & Smart products check out our online shop at attyandsmart.com

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