Whether you select the outdoor, mineral rich thermal spring waters in Permukkale, Turkey, dating back to the 2nd century BC, frequent one of the indoor Roman spas in Bath, UK or arrange your own home spa, the aim is usually the same; to promote relaxation, health and wellbeing.

No one is certain where the word “spa” originated. Some say that “spa” is an acronym for the Latin phrase salus per aquae or “health through water”, others that it is named after the Belgian town Spa, where a healing thermal spring was discovered in the 14 century. Or it may rather derive from the Latin word “spagere” meaning to sprinkle or moisten.

Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine, (460 – 370 BC) advised,  “the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”


You may not have time or the option to follow Hippocrates advice to the letter but with more hours spent at home lately, designing your own luxurious home based spa may be just the option for you.

As well as planning and preparing well; there’s nothing worse than realising you are missing a key beauty ingredient or product once your spa is under way, and carving out enough time for you to fully espouse your ‘time out’, creating an ambience can raise your home spa experience to that next level.

Using candles is, of course a tried and tested way to soften and beautify an environment and scent has long been used to reduce stress, switch off the mind and induce a profound sense of relaxation and balance.


Atty and Smart’s scented Spa Recovery candle, (Single wick with a 50-60 hours burn time, triple wick a 70-80 hours burn time) with its clean, invigorating and pure qualities is a spring clean for the soul. You will find yourself taking in deep breaths of green mint and heady eucalyptus oil; just perfect to heighten your home spa experience.

A great tip to prolong the life of your candle is to light and burn it until you have a centimetre depth of liquid wax sitting at the top of your candle. Then snuff your candle out and allow the beautiful scent to continue to volatise into the air.


Indulge With Scent


Once set, turn off your mobile phone, play some mellow music and make your spa time all about you.

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