Hydroponic Herbs Gift Box

A Gift Box of Three Hydro-Herbs

Beautiful gifts, “designed with the environment in mind”

These lovely self-grow Hydro Herb kits are ready to grow indoors. They grow “hydroponically” without the need for soil. The Herbs take six weeks to mature and can last for years.

Every single piece of the kit is either recycled and recyclable or entirely biodegradable, really designed with the environment in mind and a perfect gift for these times.

“The wine bottles that form the largest part of our kit are reused locally minimising any carbon production from melting the glass down or transport” says the design team. “The capillary matting  is recycled and the plastic bottles in our kits are also made from recycled plastic that may itself be recycled.”

A science experiment? A food group,  or decorative addition to the home? The Hydro-Herb is a little bit of all three!


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