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When big tech chiefs and employees of Silicon Valley send their children to a school that limits high-tech and encourages the use of pen and paper, it’s time to take note.

What is so important and therapeutic about writing by hand? Apparently, it can help eliminate stress, improve productivity, sustain health and improve concentration. Even raise awareness of reality and upgrade decision making. And you’re likely to be happier if you replace your keyboard with the more traditional writing method from time to time. So, writing is good for you, whether it be general or therapeutic writing.

A way to hone your writing skills is to learn calligraphy. The Romans are thought to have first popularised the art and brought it into the public arena. The word derives from a Greek one meaning writing or lettering that is artistically, elegantly and beautifully expressed.

Calligraphy is very much about the flow of writing. One could almost call it the ‘Tai Chi of writing’. It encourages the use of long creative strokes. Different traditions value different style expression. In Arabic calligraphy it’s more about proportion. Chinese and Japanese brush calligraphy is about attaining balance.

Choosing modern over the traditional allows you to avoid some of the fundamental and non-negotiable rules. Copperplate, Italic and Blackletter are examples of traditional scripts where precision is everything. It’s all about the right angles, heights and spaces. With modern calligraphy you are still required to follow some basic rules of angle, height and space, but there is room to experiment and express creative freedom.

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When it comes the practicalities of calligraphy most experts advise starting with a pencil or brush pen rather than a traditional dip pen. You can even use a ballpoint if you remember that rhythm and style are key.  In fact, a ballpoint pen can be a better choice if the paper or card you are writing on has a rougher rather than smoother texture – to prevent bleeding of the ink. Aside from this you will need a rular to create guidelines on your card or page.

To successfully create calligraphy letters, hold your pen at a 45-degree angle. Then create thin upwards strokes using minimal or no downward pressure and thicker downward strokes by applying firm pressure. There are many great books, and also instructions online to support the learning process. The more you practice the easier it becomes, thanks to something called muscle memory. Now all you need is some luxury stationery and a lucky recipient.

Letter writing, anniversary acknowledgments and shows of support can be made special by way of unique greetings cards. The ancient Chinese exchanged them at new Year, the Egyptians sent salutations on papyrus scrolls. Today, sending greetings cards is a universal thing. Check out the gorgeous selection of greetings cards available from Atty & Smart. Add some beautiful calligraphy script to your card and you will have created a piece of art that’s fit to be treasured, and even collected.

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