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Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricanes Silk Scarf

For centuries the Chinese zealously guarded the secret of silk making, highly prizing the value and luxury of the lustrous fabric that naturally reflects light. Silk travelled westwards along the 4000 miles of Silk Road, as gold, silver and wool joined on its way eastwards to China from the Mediterranean sea. Once the secret of how to make silk had been revealed, the art spread rapidly through Asia and beyond. Beginning in Korea, Silk may have less than a 0.2 percentage share of the present textile industry, however its trading value and that of its products is high. The exotic fabric has been in high demand since its inception and remains equally so today. 

Silk is extraordinarily versatile and naturally self-adjusting. It cools in the summer and warms in the winter, and can provide more heat than cotton and synthetic materials. It may be soft and luxurious to touch but is immensely strong. A long favoured fabric for the garments of Kings and Queens, its properties also lend it suitable for cutting edge fibre optic cables and biomedical devices. And it stretches – up to 40 percent of its length before breaking! Due to its elastic nature, it can be pulled out of place – scrunched up and twisted – yet return to its original shape. 

A way to differentiate the real from the fake is to rub the fabric gently between your fingers. If real silk, it will warm up. Artificial silks were first developed in the 1890s, as cheaper synthetic alternatives to silk. 

Cherry Blossom Silk Scarf

A stunningly colourful array of silk garments and products are possible as silk material dyes so well. ’Silk’ is synonymous with luxury and achievement. You “take the silk” when you become a QC (for Queen’s Council) and wear English silk at a Royal wedding.

For superior care of your luxury silk, store it in cotton bags away from intense light or direct sunlight and surround it with other breathable fabrics. 

Atty and Smart is proud to be a part of the history of silk with our high quality, contemporary, British silk scarves. One hundred percent silk, machine rolled with hand stitched edges and both designed and made in England, our unique designs are sought after worldwide and help bring luxury to the everyday. 

Atty and Smart’s Dragonfly fly, Cherry Blossom and Battle of Britain silk scarf collections are available at our Henfield store at Ivy House, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HN or online on our website at attyandsmart.com

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