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Grow fresh herbs in hydro-herb pots

You are looking for a fun, innovative, gorgeous birthday or Christmas gift. And you want it to be from the list of sustainable products. Look no further than hydro-herb’s kitchen herb starter kit which enables you to grow your own indoor herbs hydroponically from seeds in six weeks. No messy soil, nutrients supplied, easy set-up, with beautiful packaging that belies the fact that every part is created from recycled or recyclable material.

Many within sustainable and regenerative agriculture see hydroponics as an increasingly great way forward. Hydroponic plants are grown with water, nutrients and light – no soil in sight. Essential nutrients are delivered either through air and water exchange or made readily available by being dissolved into the plant’s water supply. The word hydroponics means “waterworking” and comes from the Greek words “Hudor” for water and “ponos” for work.

Hydroponics has a long history. Various Greek sources write about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon’s elaborate system of hydroponics, and of its plants being nourished and moistened or irrigated by streams of fresh oxygenated, nutrient-rich water. Although this version of things is disputed by others. Egyptian Hieroglyphs describe plants being grown in water.  The Aztec people of Mexico used rafts on shallow lakes to grow their food. And the Floating Gardens of Kashmir also existed thanks to hydroponics.

One of the major benefits of this ‘scientific’ growing system is to reduce our reliance on agrichemicals and work with a more naturally organic, nutrient-dense and sustainable food system. To get back to working with nature rather than fighting it, and help save the environment as well. Hydroponics is being used for intensive food production in developing countries where there is limited space or poor conditions for growing crops. And is a boon in situations with limited or no access to fresh food and vegetables such as on navy submarines or in highly built-up inner-city areas.

The Hydro Herb growing kit makes it easy to grow your own basil indoors. As well as other fresh herbs such as mint and coriander, even salad greens. It is a simple, but fun process to assemble the hydro herb container and then add the seeds, water and nutrients to go. Which makes it a perfect gift for children and adults alike. Plants can last for years once matured and are easy to maintain, even for those not naturally ‘green thumbed.’

Environmentally friendly hydro herbs are now available at our Henfield store, Ivy House, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HN or online on our website at

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