The Perfect Valentine Gift

Valentine’s Day is almost universally regarded as the day of love and romance. Cards and gifts are sent as a love token from a secret admirer, a named one, or from one already cherished.   

Until the 16th century, or thereabouts, February the 14th was regarded as a day for lovers to exchange love greetings. With its increasing popularity and spread the celebration has come to represent more and has embraced different traditions.

Denmark took to Valentine’s Day fairly late on, according to its Ministry of Foreign affairs. From the early 1990’s lovers and friends have celebrated the day by exchanging snowdrops rather than roses or ‘snowdrop candies’ as well as cards and other gifts.

In Finland it is as much about friendship as love. Valentine’s Day is named “Ystävänpäivä”, which means “Friend’s Day” and gives one an opportunity to honour your best friends with cards and gifts, especially if they are going through a hard time.

February the 14th is called Sobrapaev in Estonia, which means ‘friendship Day’. Both singles and couples, as well as friends and family are included in the fest of love and meaningful valentine’s gifts given.

Dragonfly Greetings Card

St Valentine is one of Slovenia’s patron saints of spring. The special day heralds a return to the fields after the winter break. It is believed that on February 14, plants and flowers begin their regenerative cycle once again.

Ghana makes it mostly about chocolate. Since 2007 the day has been known as National Chocolate Day. It is designed as a ‘cool’ way to promote the country’s chocolate and cocoa products as Ghana is the second-largest cocoa producer in the world.

It is not unknown for people to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day, and if you choose to spoil your pet you will be joining many others.

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