The sisters behind the divine label ‘Atty & Smart’

Sisters Lucy and Charlotte grew up in Norfolk. “We lived in the middle of the countryside on the edge of the Norfolk broads. Time moves quite slowly there!”

Lucy originally studied Law and is a postgraduate from the University of Cambridge. She has worked as a lecturer and in consultancy.

Charlotte studied herbal medicine at The School of Herbal medicine, in beautiful Tunbridge Wells. She has practiced all over the world and is a published author.

It was, however, when their father gave Lucy a beautiful old collection of British botanical illustrations that the seed of Atty & Smart was sown. We have always admired the redoubtable spirit of those British botanists and illustrators of the early C20th and were beguiled by the charm and elegance of their illustrations.

As for our name – when Lucy’s son was little he couldn’t quite manage ‘aunty’ and so he named Charlotte ‘Atty’. Lucy’s surname is ‘Smart’ – so together we are Atty & Smart!

Charlotte and Lucy

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